Last month my colleague and I had the honor of presenting at the Riverside County Counselor’s Leadership Summit in Riverside, California. Following our presentation, we attended an awesome luncheon where we heard many speakers who shared their passion for students.  I was blown away by the impassioned speech made by the superintendent, Dr. Judy White.  Dr. White shared the importance of having counselors in schools and how her own school counselor helped her to develop skills which allowed her to overcome a traumatic childhood. But the real highlight of the day was the key note speaker, Antwone Fisher. Mr. Fisher shared  his personal journey from abused foster child to famous screenwriter.  He also spoke about the importance of relationships and how one educator made a difference in his own life.  If you want to know more Antwone Fisher, check out his biography and movie.

Finally, I have to commend the Riverside County Counseling District staff for their commitment, passion, and effort in putting together such an amazing conference.  If you live in California, please check out this amazing conference that is held each October and January.  

January 22, 2019

So, I mentioned that I had the privilege of presenting at this conference.  After presenting at the ASCA Conference in Los Angeles, I received an invitation to talk about one of my passions, establishing and evaluating peer leadership programs.  As always, I am determined to “preach” the word about the power of peer leadership!  To get this message out to as many as possible,  I wanted to share our presentation with other school counselors who may be interested in starting their own program.  Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about peer leadership!!

Also if you missed my blog post in July, please check out our presentation at ASCA!

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