I am honored to be a co-moderator for the 2018-19 School Counselor Chat or #SCCHAT!  #SCCHAT  is an international school counselor chat for school counselors to learn and grow from each other.  #SCCHAT was originally founded by Danielle Schultz and Dr. Erin Mason in 2011 and has been growing every year. 

Want to know who the contributors are for #SCCHAT this year?  Check out the list of co-moderators created by Canadian retired school counsellor, Susan Spellman Cann.

Here is my introduction and I hope you will attend!!

Chat Month: September

Topic: Suicide

Where do you live?
McDonough, Ga

What brings you joy?
My family, my faith, relationships, working out, and COFFEE!

What do you want your students to know?
Students matter! All you need is one supportive adult to help you change your destiny!

Where did you go to University?
Georgia Southern University and Walden University

What is your favorite quote?
I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It.” Voltaire

What message do you want to share?
School counselors are truly the heart of the school and have the ability to make a difference in the lives of students. Our actions don’t have to be big to make this change. Just taking the time to greet a student warmly in the hall, checking in with a student in a short impromptu meeting, providing a quick snack to a student who missed breakfast, or attending a event in support of a student can make a HUGE impact on students for the better. All students need is just one champion…so be that champion!




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