About a year ago,  I bought a new car which kind of forced me to purchase satellite radio (Hair Nation rocks!). The other day I got a wild hair (pardon the pun) and decided to explore some other stations.  As I was exploring, I came upon an old radio program that was on when I was a kid called Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown (for you younger school counselors, Ryan Seacrest has become the new Casey Kasem). It was so awesome to go back in time and listen to those forgotten hits that were popular when I was growing up. As I was driving, it occurred to me that it was time to share my countdown of the top ten posts of the year from For High School Counselor’s Blog.
So, let’s get started…

I have received a lot of response from this blog post…some disbelief and some just basic shock.  As a school counselor, it is important to  understand that drugs are a pervasive part of the culture of youth.  Although we may not be able to prevent all drug use, we certainly can be aware of the most dangerous trends that threaten to destroy the lives of our students. This post will be updated in 2018.



After taking a class in Trauma and the Brain from Georgia State University, I decided to write this post for school counselors.  Understanding the brain’s role in trauma is super important and learning trauma informed practices can make a huge difference when working with your students.

Trauma Informed Practices and Resources for School Counselors



This post certainly resonated with many school counselors and has been featured on other school counseling blogs (thank you to those who shared!).  Self care is essential in our field and many of us still fail to take care of our mental or physical health.  Maybe you will find a tip or two that will be helpful to you in this post.

End of the Year Tips for the Overworked Counselor

After attending the Georgia School Counselor Conference in 2016, I decided to share the idea of creating a comfort kit for students who experience self-harm.  There are a lot of great ideas of how to put together your own kit in this post.

Comfort Kits for Students Who Self-Harm

Ever since I pinned this information in 2013, I have gotten many shares and likes from school counselors at different levels.  Each year, I like to include a revised list of my favorite websites, blogs, and resources which you can  also find on my blog.

173 High School Counseling Websites and Resources

As a school counselor, it is not always clear what we should do when we experience students who engage in non-suicidal self harm.  I decided to write this post after I attended a training session on self injury among adolescents.


I discovered the power of coloring among teens as a school counselor several years ago and decided to share some resources that may be helpful to other high school counselors.  This post has been widely shared and liked by other professionals and parents.

We all know the movie called The Bucket List.  However, if you are unaware of this movie, here is the plot in one sentence. This movie chronicles the journey of two elderly gentlemen who decide to do the things they always wanted to do before they, well… “kick the bucket.” Since the senior year is often stressful and hectic for our students, I decided to share of list of fun things we could share for them to do before they graduate.


This is another post that I have received a lot of response from school counselors.  Unfortunately, as a school counselor, you may be asked to fix a student’s hygiene issues. If you find yourself in this situation, I hope that some of these suggestions are helpful.

Many school counselors, like myself, love forms. Therefore, I decided to write a post that features over 1,000 forms.  In 2018, I may update this post and make it 2,000!!

Well, that is my top 10 list for 2017.  Next year, I hope to continue to write informative and helpful posts for my counseling colleagues.

Until then, in the words of Casey Kasem…


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