If you are really into social advocacy as a school counselor then October is extremely busy month for you.  I think I have shared with you that I coordinate our county peer leader/helper program and October is wild for us. Although we are conducting many social campaigns during October, I thought I would share some aspects of our bullying campaign with you.  

Training My Peer Leaders/Helpers in Bullying Awareness

First, before we start our bullying campaigns in the school, my leaders have to be educated about bullying and how to recognize it.

Second, I have my students participate in extensive exercises,  role play practices, and discussions to make sure they understand the concept and how to confront it appropriately.

Third, I give the students a choice about which campaign they would like to be involved in when it comes to educating their school community about bullying.

Below, are some of the activities my students get to choose from and they must share their results of the campaign and reflect on the activities after the campaign is over.

In addition, I decided to share my peer leader/helper power point in case you would like to use it with your students (because who doesn’t love a free resource). 

Bullying Awareness Campaigns


Blue Shirt Day 
Start the month of October by encouraging students to wear blue to stomp out bullying. This year’s theme is “Change the Culture”  and serves to educate students on the type of bullying in school, how to become an upstander, and how to talk to people about their differences in appropriate ways.


Encourage your student to make friends with someone they don’t know at school. This activity helps to encourage students to be leaders, reduce isolation, and encourage students to step out of their comfort zones.


Unity Day
Encourage students to wear orange to take a stand against bullying.  Take photos and post them to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using #UnityDay2017. Also, get the staff involved in the campaign by asking them to wear an orange ribbons during the day.  

You can order additional shirts designed by celebrities at this link!

Some additional activities include
  • You are Not Alone Kit – toolkit that can assist you in creating schools where students feel empowered.
  • Educational videos by teens and experts – educate students on what to say to bullies and bystanders.  This page includes a quiz and additional resources.
  • Digital Petition – Have your students go to this link to sign  the petition to stand against bullying at their school. 
  • Positive Promotions – Site that sells bullying prevention materials for schools.
  • Project Connect – Create an orange unity chain and put up your cafeteria or another high visibility area.
  • Sit With Us App– Allows student leaders to connect with students who are isolated and alone.
  • Stop Bullying Now – Provide resources, training, and information for educators.
  • Create a school wide unity banner and have students to sign it. Here is one that you can order from PACERS.

Here is a link to my personal bullying file that you can explore to find additional information for your bullying awareness campaign or to use during the year.


Mix It Up Day

Southern Poverty Law Center has sponsored Mix It Up in schools across America.  Mix It Up is an excellent opportunity for students to learn the value of diversity, tolerance, and inclusion by meeting and talking to new people during lunch.

Sample Steps for Implementation

1. Create a planning group or go through a club or organization (SADDSAVE , Peer Helpers , etc.) -my school’s SADD chapter (Students Against Destructive Decisions) will plan and carry out the event.

See the Mix It Up Checklist
2. Determine your goals-have two main goals in mind:

  • Get students to sit with someone new.
  • Get students to engage in conversation.
3.  Make it festive- include a theme, decorations, colors, music, entertainment, prizes, or a flash mob.

Want to know more about Mix It Up?  Check out my post from 2013.

Need more ideas? 

Check out this Educator Informational page from STOMP Out Bullying

From the For High School Counselors Blog

Check out my post from 2013 for additional ideas, links and resources. Also, check out my blog on the importance of helping those who are bullied. 

Hope you got some good ideas, but please feel free to share your ideas with me as well!!

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