As you may or may not know, the date of the American School Counselor conference is rapidly approaching and this year’s destination is the mile high city of Denver, Co!  Unfortunately for me, I have not been able to physically attend the conference for the last three years (sigh).  Okay, I am really disappointed that my budget will not accommodate this conference, but I have to be realistic that I can’t always get what I want…pardon the Rolling Stones lyric.

BUT, don’t cry for me Argentina (I know stop the music lyric references)!  The good news is that not all is lost for me or for you if you can’t attend the conference!  In fact for the last three years, I have been able to attend some really great conference forums and virtual sessions.

Do you find yourself in this situation? Want to attend ASCA17 virtually?  Here is what you can do…

First, check out the virtual sessions available for each day:

Saturday, July 8th

Sunday, July 9th

Monday, July 10th

Tuesday, July 11th

Note: these session will set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

Second, download the app from Google or Apple to find descriptions/handouts of sessions.

Third, follow the conference on Twitter.  Each year, #notatASCA counselors tweet out information shared from conference attendees.

Fourth, read blog posts from conference and nonconference attendees (I bet there will be some good ones!).  I will be following these authors…

Carol Miller

Franciene Sabens

Jeff Ream

Rebecca Atkins

Fifth, consider supporting the School Counselor Community Scholarship  for counselors with limited budgets who want to attend ASCA18 next year in Los Angeles!

Last, stay tuned for my blog post regarding the ASCA conference called ASCA from my Couch!


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