Each year the National Association of Peer Program Professionals urges peer helping coordinators to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate their peer helpers during the month of March. During this special month,  I take the opportunity to recruit my peer helpers for the next school year, appreciate my current peer helpers, and promote peer helping in my school community.  

Here is an overview of my plan for this year’s National Peer Helper Week (March 20-24, 2017).  

The Plan

First, I will have my current peer helpers put up posters about peer helping around the school.  Here is a sample poster I made featuring Disney characters.

Second, we are going to make announcements about National Peer Helper Week to students and staff member.

Some sample announcements will include:

  • Facts about peer helping
  • Roles of peer helpers
  • Accomplishments of your schools’ peer helping program

Third, we will share information about National Peer Helper Week 

to get the excitement going on social media using the hashtag 


Sample Tweets:
Use #NationalPeerHelpersWeek
Because of YOU National Peer Helpers Appreciation Day is a 
national day to raise awareness about the peer power as a way to 
help others and save lives.  #NationalPeerHelpersWeek
March 23 is National Peer Helpers Appreciation Day and our 
school is celebrating by [fill in the blank].

Celebrate Peer Helpers helping for others during the week of 
March 20-24.
Peer Helpers help others by being their friend, tutoring, 
Join Peer Helpers around the country on March 23 and 
celebrate peer power and making a positive difference in 
other’s lives.
Celebrate with us!  Peer Helpers honors past peer helpers who
have made a difference in others’ lives.  


Sample Chapter Facebook posts:
March 23 is National Peer Helpers Recognition Day.  We are
celebrating past Peer Helpers and all they did to help others, 
current Peer Helpers and future Peer Helpers.
Upload pictures on Facebook; be sure to add Congratulations
Peer Helpers!

Remember to upload a photo of your Peer Helper Group. 

Fourth, create information to give out to possible new recruits.
Information can include:  a video, brochure, flyers, classroom 

Fifth, have your peer helpers recruit at least one person.  A 
personal invitation is a great way to recruit for your program. 
Sixth, include your principal in your appreciation.  Why?  Frankly, 
it is our principals who allow us to run a program and it is 
important to include them in your celebration.

Here are some ideas that are low cost…

  • Photo made of crayons signed by your peer helpers.
  • Create a bulletin board.
  • Create a candy gram.
  • Create a word art photo.
  • Create a photo with the thumbprints of students in a heart and a special quote.

Seventh, consider holding a peer helper ceremony.  At the ceremony, present a proclamation to your principal signed by your superintendent and give out certificates to your peer helpers.  Invite parents, board members, community members, and other special staff members.

Need additional information to get started?  Download the National
Peer Helper Week kit at the National Peer Program Professional 


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