Tis’ the time of year for graduates and school counselors to test the waters for school counseling job opportunities.  Starting in January, I am always asked by interns and other school counselors if I know about any job opportunities (this year I do!).  So, I thought it would be helpful to provide some tips for landing that future school counseling job and to make a suggestion about applying for a counseling job outside of a public or private school.   

First, let’s get you ready for that job.  To prepare adequately, consider these helpful tips from some school counseling

Practice your skills!!


10 Tips for Landing a School Counselor Job (The Helpful Counselor)

Finding a School Counseling Job (School Counseling By Heart)

How to Make School Counselor Interviews Not So Scary (The Counseling Geek)

Insight from Awesome School Counselors – Interview & Applicant Essentials (The Counseling Geek)

Job Hunting Tips & Resources (American Counseling Association)

Job Search Skills for Professional School Counselors (Ohio School Counselor Association)
This includes sample templates of cover letters, resumes, curriculum vita, etc.

Job Tips for the High School Counselor (For High School Counselors)

School Counselor Interview Tips (School Counselor Blog)

Second, consider working on a professional portfolio now. Here are some great examples of portfolios you can view from school counselors to create your own.

Elizabeth Cranford
Tracy L. Jackson, Ph.D 
Stephanie Long 
Richard D. Pavia
Jeffrey Ream

Now, here is the job tip I have for my readers.  Consider an out of the box idea about a job opportunity as a school counselor – the Department of Defense.  I had never really ever considered a Department of Defense school until I recently visited one, but I liked what I saw and heard.

So, why consider a DODEA job?  Well, here are some advantages of working for the Department of Defense:

1.  There are many opportunities to get a job.  In fact, there are 172 schools in 14 districts located in 11 foreign countries including Guam and Puerto Rico (source: DODEA). 

2.  According to one DODEA employee, relocation assistance is available for moving.

3.  Comparable salary and benefits.  See the job salary schedule here

4.  Additional benefits:

Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Living Quarter Allowance
Medical/Dental Facilities
Shipment of automobile, household goods, and pets!

5.  Short tours of duty which can include one to two years depending on the location.  

Interested?  Want more information?  Go to the Department of Defense for more information.  Also, go to USA Jobs and select positions for school counselors.

I hope this post has provided some additional ideas of how to snag a school counseling job and opens up other opportunities that you may have not thought about in the past.

Happy job hunting!!

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