This summer has been incredibly hectic; therefore, I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to contribute to my blog…sigh.  Now that my summer is coming to an end (yes, my summer is over


today), I wanted to write about my highlights from following the #asca16 conference as a nonparticipant (aka #notatasca16) sitting on the couch.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have heard about a little conference that occurred in New Orleans last week.  Although I couldn’t attend (it was my anniversary trip to the Poconos), I was able to follow the Twitter posts to find out all the latest news and resources. The purpose of this post is to share with other non-attenders what I learned. 

                       Highlights from #asca16

ASCA16 New Orleans  
Highlight #1

I found a new counseling rock star to follow.  Last year, I wrote a post about following counseling rock stars who have made great contributions to elementary, middle, and high school from their awesome blogs (see the post below).

Well, I am super excited to add another star to this list, Rebecca Atkins. Rebecca is the author of the blog, Counselor Up, and I have included a link to her blog.  Although she focuses on elementary school counselors, she offers a lot of great resources that can be useful to any school counselor.  For instance, check out her post on making your email box a happy place!

 Highlight #2

Okay, school counselors really posted some awesome quotes!  Following Twitter, I found a lot of t-shirt worthy quotes from the conference.  I decided to make some posters for my office!!

If Kim Kardashian can be useful, anyone can be useful!

Children do not walk into their futures…they create them!

School Counselors are fortune makers for our children.

Critics Math: 1000 compliments + 1 criticism=1 criticism 
 Highlight #3

Of course, the resources are always a big hit!!  Here are some outstanding resources, articles, and presentations that were shared by school counselors on Twitter.

Career Assessments (free) 
Career Development Resources
Career and Counseling Readiness Tool (New York)
Counseling By the Letters
Ecological Model of Professional School Counseling (Research)
Ethical Standards for School Counselors (ASCA)
Fostering a Caring Relationship (article)
Guide to Counseling Theories 
High Functioning Depression (Don’t Overlook It)
Media Literacy for School Counselors – The Dos and Don’ts of giving media interviews.
Perception Deception (Website)
Professional Development for School Counselors
Supervising School Counselors (presentation)
Teaching Traumatized Students 
Technology Toolkit for School Counselors (presentation)
What is Wrong With I Messages

Creating and Using Badges in your career unit

 What School Counselors Do

Also, check out additional #asca16 resources on my Twitter Storify.

Highlight #4
Love the takeaways from the conference!

What’s on your bucket list for next year?

Resources for School Counselors
  Highlight #5
The chats!!
I love the chats before, during, and after the conference!!  This year I was honored to co-host the #notatASCA16 chat with Danielle Schultz.  If you don’t know about Danielle, she is one of the original school counselor bloggers who is somewhat of a legend. Check out and follow her blog, School Counseling Blog.

The Legend, Danielle Shultz
 Also, check out my blog on #notatASCA16!

So, did you miss the conference this year?  No worries!! Next year’s conference will be in Denver!!  
Only 362 more days to go!!

ASCA17, Denver CO


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