Me miserable at home & #NotatASCA16

SighI can‘t be at the ASCA Conference this year!!  Unfortunately, this is the second year in a row that I have not been able to make the conference to meet up with all the amazing counselors from social media or hear all the awesome presentations.  While that stinks for me, I am so happy for all of the school counselors who will be going and will be re-energized from all the great information and camaraderie in New Orleans!  If you are like me and can’t go to ASCA16, don’t fret!  For several years, there have been great efforts made by ASCA and non-ASCA participants to provide school counselors with the conference in the comfort of their own homes.  So, how is this possible?  Well, read on and you will learn how to be a #notatASCA16 attendee!!

Become a #notatASCA16 Attendee

First, if you can’t physically be at ASCA16, you can be a virtual attendee.  Go to the ASCA Conference website and sign up to be a virtual attendee. It does cost, but it is not as expensive as a hotel, airfare, and food…well, you get it.

Danielle Schultz

 Second, follow the conference hashtags which include #ASCA16, #notatASCA16, and #scchat. During the conference, many attendees will post their pictures, notes, and insights with these hashtags so non-attendees can get the latest information.  To follow on Twitter, set up your feed for #ASCA16 and #notatASCA16 on Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.  The amazing Danielle Schultz wrote a very informative blog on how to participate in #notatASCA15 from last year.  Also, check out last year’s #notatASCA15 chat hosted by Dr. Erin Mason and Danielle Schultz

Last year’s chat hosted by Danielle and Erin

 Third, read about the upcoming conference to get some excitement pumping through your veins.  See the June #SCCHAT transcript about ASCA16. 


Fourth,  I am excited to announce that Danielle Schultz and I will host the #notatasca16 chat. In addition, we will be signing up volunteers to share information from conference attendees during the week of the ASCA conference.   

Details will be posted soon on Twitter!!


Planning for #ASCA17 

Okay, interested in going to #ASCA17, but lack the funds??? Check out some ideas from other school counselors on how they were able to finance their trip to NOLA and beyond.  Get ready for next year’s conference in Denver, CO!!

July 8-11, 2017

Some school counselors picked up second jobs and held garage sales.  Check out  Franciene Sabens’ ideas on how she was able to raise funds to go to ASCA 15 and ASCA16. 

Ever wish for a fairy godmother to magically finance your trip to ASCA?  Well, there is a group of school counselors who have made this happen for several school counselorsCheck out the link to the Counseling Geek’s site to the School Counselor Community Scholarship  website to donate to school counselors who needed additional funds to attend ASCA.  

See this year’s eight winners!!

Dylan Hackbarth, Como Park Senior High School
St. Paul, MN
Emily Weber, Turner Hill Elementary School
Turnwater, WA
Jocelyn Casalou, Challenge Preparatory Charter School
Far Rockaway, NY
Jessica Kamber, Roberto Clemente Elementary School
Allentown, PA
Amy Wheeler, Conservatory Lab Charter School
Brighton, MA
Shauna Williams, Blue Ridge High School
New Milford, PA
Laura Ross, Five Forks Middle School
Lawrenceville,  GA
Erin Rebling, Indian Valley Elementary
Lewistown, PA

The SCCS Scholarship is a great way to give to other school counselors so please consider donating to the 2017 SCCS Scholarship!

Where are Future ASCA Conferences?

Of course, it is not too early to plan ahead. Now is the time to think about saving those extra funds or selling the importance of attending ASCA to your administrator.  Fortunately, I have a very understanding and supportive administrator, but there was a time this was not the case. If you fall under the later, here is great justification letter for you to submit to your leadership.

Go to the ASCA website to download your justification letter.

In case you are planning ahead, here are the locations for ASCA from 2018-20!!  Hope to see you there!

July 14–17, 2018
Los Angeles, Calif.

June 29–July 2, 2019
Boston, Mass.

June 27–30, 2020
Seattle, Wash.

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