Recently, I have been using online video conferencing to meet with colleagues in other states.  Because I have really enjoyed the format, I decided I wanted to expand video conferencing into my counseling profession. While researching video formats, I ran across a new tool called Blab. 
What is Blab?

Blab is the latest trend in video chatting to live audiences which allows you to host your own show. Participants must ask permission to enter your space and as long as one of the three seats is open they can enter. You can allow the same three people to stay or you can choose to rotate the seats.  There are some unique commands that you, as the moderator, can use to communicate with your audience.  

Some of these commands include: 

1.  You can use the chat command to talk to your audience.
2.  You can give feedback to your audience by using the prop feature.    
3.  If there is no room in one of the seats, an audience member can post comments in the sidebar. 
4.  Blab allows you to follow other hosts or guests.
5.  Blab allows you to share your chat with others via Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube. 
6.  There are several tools you can use as a host including denying participants entrance in your chat, co-hosting with another person, kicking out participants, muting callers, locking seats, changing the topic, deleting comments, and even banning participants. 

How to Host a Blab?

Hosting a blab is quite simple.  First, click the purple button called “Start a New Blab”. Next, create your title.

After choosing your title, create at least three tabs to draw your audience to your Blab.  

Next, you can add a custom image if you like visuals.

Now you have to decide if you want to make your blab public or unlisted. 

Now, schedule your Blab and you are ready to go!!

Here is a short tutorial on how to use Blab…check it out.

How School Counselors are Using Blab?

One group of school counselors who have embraced Blab are School Counselors of Color.  Currently, they who are hosting a series on “How I Became an International School Counselor”.  Check out their recorded series on You Tube.

How Can You Use Blab?

There are all types of opportunities to use Blab as a school counselor.  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Host a training for colleagues;
2.  Present information to other professionals, students, parents, etc.
3.  Conduct a meeting;
4.  Consult with other professionals/colleagues.

So, if you are looking for a new way to communicate with others think about trying Blab!!


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