One of my passions as a school counselor is to train students to help their peers.  In fact, I feel that all educators should promote peer helping (well, a girl can dream can’t she)!  Whether you are currently involved in a peer helper program, support a program in your school, or have been thinking about a program, this post is for you!  

Here’s an idea if you have a program!

Have a Program and Need Ideas?

The National Association of Peer Program Professionals is sponsoring its 2nd annual peer helping recognition week during the month of March.  During this week, you can promote the work of your program to students and staff members. To help with your week’s activities, NAPPP has created a kit that you can download on their website.  

Here are some of the items included in the kit: 

  • Sample proclamation
  • National Peer Helper Week logo
  • Sample media posts
  • Suggested activities including: create/wear a peer helper t-shirt, develop a video about your program, hold a ceremony, throw a party, or host special event
  • Sample ceremony script

After your event, NAPPP asks that schools post their pictures to their face book page to show your spirit!!

Need some more ideas? 

Here are a few ideas from my friends at the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation.

Create and Share a Video About Peer Helping

“I Am Me” – Bullying Awareness Video from Bay Minette Middle School in Bay Minette, AL.

Hold an Event 

Create your own peer helping event like the one that the Jennifer Clair Moore Foundation sponsored last year.  This event was called the Peer Helper Jubliee and over 1000 students met at a local theater to talk about learn how to identify bullying.

I have provided instructions for creating your own event!  Jubilee Guidebook

Don’t Have a Clue About How to Set Up a Program?  Attend a Training!
If are clueless on how to start a program, consider attending a peer helping training.  I did this many years ago and it help tremendously!  Check out these conferences in 2016.

East Coast

6th National Peer Helping Conference
Feb. 3rd-5th, 2016
Point Clear, AL
Grand Marriott

West Coast

Peer Resource Training
San Francisco, CA 
Next training is in August.

Central US

PAL-Peer Assisted Leadership, TEXAS
Dates varies…check website.

NAPPP Summer Institute, Indianapolis
Summer, 2016

Live outside the US…no worries!

Peer Skills, AUSTRALIA

Peer Resources, CANADA

Can’t get to one of these training institutes? Check out other helpful training resources.

Other Helpful Resources When You Want to Start a Program:

ADL-Anti-Defamation League
Peer Program Professionals Website 
Peer Resources  (For our Canadian Friends)
My Peer Toolkit (For our Australian Friends)
Cool Schools (For our New Zealand Friends)
Peer Program Professionals Facebook Page 
Peer Helper Resources (Livebinder)
Peer Program Network Facebook Page
Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation Peer Programs
Peer Resource Training
Training Peer Helpers (Search Institute)
Canadian Student Leadership Association
Natural Helpers
Safe, Healthy Schools
Roseville High School Peer Helper Program
Peer Helping Resources for Colleges
Peer Resource Network
Students Helping Students
Tapping the Power of Peer Helping, B. Varenhorst
K-12 Peer Helping, Julie Champion
Peer Net British Columbia
Teacher Tube Videos 

You can also reach out to me if you need assistance!  I am always willing to help and will come to your school/district for training.  

Please share this information with others if you are willing!  Oh, I would love to hear your ideas!! 

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