It is a dreary January evening and I am stuck on the couch with a bug that I believe I caught from one of the teachers who ventured in my office at the beginning of the week.  The worst part is that I have a cough that will not let me sleep…urgghhh!  Since I can’t sleep, I decided to jump on the computer

and work on a post.  

This is me!

Since it is a new year, I am always eager to find the latest resources, blogs. social media, and other types of information that will be beneficial in my practice.  So, I decided to share my latest list of top resources for my high school counseling colleagues. 

 If you have any additional sites, please feel free to share them with me and I will post them to my list.   

Admitted-Authored by the college experts at the National Association of College and Admissions, this blog has great college information and advice for school counselors.

Adolescent Counseling Services-Blog featuring teen counseling topics from this Chicago agency.  Great information for school counselors.

Amber Shepherd-Thompson-High school counselor from Florida who provides student, parent, and professional resources for school counselors.

American Counseling Association-Resource for members and non-members on counseling trends. 

ASCA School Counselor Blog-Great information from experts in school counseling…need I say more?

California Association for School Counselors-Informative blog by the California School Counselors.

College Choice-Great resource for school counselors that includes college rankings, paying for college, college scholarships, becoming a successful applicant, and lots more.  Check out this link on creating a great college application, Anatomy of a College Application.

College Connection-Website of resources maintained by the College Board.

College Express-Admissions and college advice from college admission experts, school counselors,  and industry pros.

College Prep Results-Former Houston School Counselor who now runs a website to assist school counselors on academic, college, and career counseling.

College Raptor-Great information for school counselors when working with students on college admissions and preparation.

Counselor’s Corner-High School counselor Patrick O’Connor’s blog contains great information for high school counselors and high school students.

Counselor’s Room-Founded in 2009, the Counselor’s Room provides free lesson plans, activities, and worksheets for school counselors from elementary to high school. 

Counseling With Callie-Check out her website for fresh ideas from setting up a career day to creating a twitter door.  Great for school counselor of all levels!

Darrell Sampson-The Counselor’s Office-Northern Virginia school counselor with lots of links and even a crisis resource page.

Dignity in Schools-Blog that shares information on school pushout, school discipline, and positive alternatives for student behavior. 

Edutopia-Great blog with lots of information about every possible subject in education (including school counseling).

Elevating Oklahoma Guidance and Counseling -Great website with assessment information, career planning, counseling resources, videos, and teachers as advisers guidance.

Expert’s Corner– Looking for helpful insight on increasing student success on the SAT?  Check out this informative site! 

Florida School Counseling Blog-The Florida School Counseling Association has a wonderful blog of resources for school counselors in Florida and other states!

Francine Sabens-School Counselor Space-Illinois High School Counselor of the Year who has a lot of great resources for professional school counselors!

High School Counselors’ Network-Face Book page created and managed by middle school counselor, Carol Miller of New York.  A great place for high school counselors to network, share ideas, and ask questions.

High School Counselor Week-High school blog featuring weekly stories, facts, trends and other information for school counselors in each region of the US.  School counselors are able to sign up for a weekly newsletter from his or her region of the US.

 Huntsville City Schools Counselor Connection -Facebook page that supports the growth and development of Huntsville City Schools counselors, but an excellent resource for all school counselors!

I’ll Go to College -Written by a former non profit co-director who assisted first gen students with college guidance, this blog has a lot of useful links and information that can be used by school counselors.

International Association for College Admissions Counseling-Great blog for international counselors!

Jeremy Goldman-Pikesville High School Counseling Blog-High school blog with great resources for professional development in the areas of advisement, personal-social, academics, careers, and paying for college.

JLV College Counseling-Great source for scholarship and college resources.

Julia V Taylor-Julia has a great website with tons of great resources for school counselors.

Kaarl Liedtka-This site contains lesson plans, career information, student portfolios, and lots of resources for school counselors.

Link for Counselors-Articles for high school counselors on a variety of high school subjects.

Lisa’s Links for Counselors-This site includes resources for all counselors including videos, blogs, websites, Pinterest pages, and lots more.

Livebinder Folders

Magoosh-High School blog written by a bunch of self proclaimed nerds whose goal is to help students reach their post secondary dreams.  This blog includes lots of information regarding standardized testing, study habits, how to write a personal statement, applying to college, early admission, class advice, and much more!!

Manitoba School Counseling-Check out our neighbors to the North!  They have a great deal of resources for school counselors in many areas!

Missouri Center for Career Education-This site contains loads of information for school counselors whether you live in Missouri or Alaska.  

National Center for Youth Issues -Resource blog with helpful tips and information for school counselors at all levels. 

Naomi Drew-Author who writes a resource blog for school counselors on conflict, bullying, and character education.

Naviance College and Career Readiness Blog-Although my school doesn’t use Naviance, I have gathered a lot of great ideas and information from this site.  Worth the look!

North Tahoe High School Blog-Although this blog is for the North Tahoe High School community,  it has a lot of great information you can steal, um I mean borrow,  to share with your school community. 

Ohio School Counselor Blog-Great informative blog written by the Ohio School Counseling Association.
One School Counselor  -High School website from Orange County, California with great information for school counselors, students, and parents. Check out the school counselor information page!

Psych Central-Expert advice, resources, and information for mental health professionals. 

Remind Blog-Remind is a popular tool with so many possibilities. Check out all the ways to use Remind your counseling office.

Ross Wolfson School Counselor Crowd Blog-High school counselor from Boston who hosts a website that has turned into a world wide community of school counseling professionals who share ideas, questions, and concerns.

School Counselor Advocacy Effect Blog-Hosted by the Iowa School Counselor Association, this blog was designed to inspire school counselors to advocate for their profession. 

School Counselor Blog-The original school counselor blog created by middle school counselor and doctoral student, Danielle Schultz. Danielle features a page called “School Counselor Spotlight” which has great ideas, resources, stories, and information for school counselors at all levels!

School Counselor Central – Blog managed by Dean Pacchiana and Dr. Deborah Hardy which posts weekly ideas as lessons and activities.  In addition to the blog, SCC has a Facebook and Pinterest page!!

School Counselor Crowd Blog -Blog created by  Canadian School Counselor Susan Spellman Cann with lots of great resources. Susan loves to share with all school counselors!!

School Counselor Digital Digest-Website created and maintained by Texas School Counseling Specialist, Victoria Bustos. 

School Counselors with a Twist Network-Face Book page created and managed by high school counselor, Amanda Foege. The network is for high school counselors who work in non-traditional settings to share ideas, resources, and network with other counselors.

SCOPE Blogroll-The mother of all school counselor blog lists created by school counseling educator Erin Mason.  Oh, make sure you check out Dr. Mason’s site for technology tools! 

Susan Spellman Cann-School Counsellor Talk-Canadian school counselor and psychologist who hosts a variety of chats (#ETMOOC &  #SCCrowd) and provides a lot of digital resources for professional school counselors.

The College Solution -Although this blog is not written by a high school counselor or educator, it is definitely worth your time to look at this site by Lynn O’Shaughnessy.  She is a former news reporter who writes about “all things college” from financial aid, party schools, standardized testing, and much more!

The Counseling Geek-Outstanding website created by California high school counselor and technology guru, Jeff Ream. The goal of the website is to help school counselors with their technology needs.  In addition to helping counselors with their technology needs, Jeff has set up the ASCA Scholarship fund.  

The Extraordinary School Counselor-Blog written by the former 2012 Virginia School Counselor Educator of the Year and school counselor educator. The blog features college and career readiness resources, bullying prevention resources, STEM resources, and many more great ideas!

The Freshmen Network – Join this group of educators looking to help transition into the 9th grade.

The Middle School Counselor-Inspiring blog written by the New York School Counselor of the Year and former high school counselor, Carol Miller.  Although not a high school blog, Carol has a great blog with ideas that can be used with high school students.  In addition to her blog, Carol creates and sells school counseling t-shirts on her site (check them out!).

Traci R. Brown Blog-Traci first came on the scene as a school counseling intern blogging about her internship experience.   Now a school counselor, Traci has great ideas, information, and creative templates!

Washington State School Counseling Resources-Check out the lesson plans for grades 7-12.

West Virginia Department of Education School Counselor Resource Page-Great resource page for all school counselors including grade specific information and lesson plans.

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