I can’t believe it is almost January!  A new year to help our students and promote awareness for serious issues like human trafficking, drug awareness, and promoting kindness.  In January, school counselors have an excellent opportunity to bring awareness to these societal problems and make a big difference in their school community!

National Mentoring Month

Stress the importance of creating real relationships in everyday life by promoting  mentoring relationships. 

What is Peer Mentoring?
Link Crew
National Mentoring Partnership

Thank your mentor day

January 18

National Day of Service

The MLK Day of Service is an excellent opportunity to empower students to help find solutions to local problems, break down barriers, and help students learn about the importance of community service.  

MLK Toolkit
Lesson Plans
Find a Service Project
Youth Service America
Generation On
Semester of Service Toolkit
Do Something
Ideas for Students

Some Ideas Include:

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Prevention Day – January 11

According to National Homeland Security, human trafficking the the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain.  

Educate your staff and students about the signs and dangers of human trafficking. 

Resources and educational materials.
Polaris Project
Guide for Parents
Blue Campaign 
Awareness Training
Indicators of Trafficking
Fact Sheets

January 18-22

No Name Calling Week

According to GLSEN,  the purpose of No Name Calling Week is to celebrate kindness and respect for others. 

Planning Kit

School Counselor Activities:

  • Continue anti-bullying messages and activities.  Consider running a friendship group for students who are the targets of bullying behavior.
  • Conduct classroom presentations about bullying.
  • Lead students in team building exercises.
  • Educate students about empathy using social emotional learning lessons.
  • Empower students to stand against bullying behavior and what to do if they see it happening.
  • Conduct NNCW lesson plans.
  • Help teachers to establish a No Name Calling policy in their classroom.
  • Encourage students to sign the No Name Calling Pledge.
  • Have students to take the No Name Calling survey. 

January 25-31

Drug Fact Awareness Week

The purpose of Drug Fact Awareness Week is to shatter the myths about drug use among teens. 

Promotional Materials

Get Ideas and Activities

Plan Your Event

Posters and Brochures

Free Publications


National Drug IQ Quiz

Lesson Plans

Peer Intervention

Interactives and Videos



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