Well another year has almost come and gone…I can’t believe it!  This month I want to continue to highlight awareness campaigns that can be observed in schools before the holidays.  Hope you find something that can be useful at your school!

December 1st-Giving Tuesday #GivingTuesday

Following the Tuesday after Black Friday is Giving Tuesday.  Giving Tuesday focuses on the real reason for the holiday season, charity and giving, rather than consumerism and shopping. Now in its fourth year, Giving Tuesday uses the power of social media to encourage nonprofit organizations, civic organizations, businesses, families, and individuals to donate their time, resources, and  talents to address local challenges. 

Want to help students understand the importance of giving?  Check out the Guide to Giving Lesson Plan for students. Also,  check out my blog post on Giving Tuesday from 2014 for more ideas!

Giving Tuesday Toolkit

December 5th-International Volunteer Day #IVD2015

Passed by a UN Resolution in 1985, IVD is now entering its 30th year!  I am passionate about teaching the importance of volunteering and serving others in the community.  If you need ideas, there are lots of great ideas you can get from the IVD website.  This year’s theme is “Your world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!”

Ways to Celebrate


Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
Poster 4

T-shirt logo

Web Banner

December 10th-International Human Rights Day #Human Rights Day

Another United Nations initiative that has been around since 1950 is the International Human Rights Day.  This year’s theme,”Our Rights. Our Freedoms.  Always.”, aims at focusing on our basic freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

Human Rights Issues



National Impaired (Drugged and Drunk) Driving Month

December is a great month to observe the causes of impaired traffic accidents among youth. Researchers have found that traffic accidents significantly increase during the holidays and New Years for teens (Youth.gov).  The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence reports that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for youth between the ages of 16 and 19. While alcohol is the most commonly used drug of choice in impaired driving, marijuana has become the second most used substance among teens.


NHTSA: Stop Impaired Driving
MADD: How to Prevent Someone From Driving Drunk
The White House: Drugged Driving
Teen Drugged Driving Resource
White House: Community Teen Drugged Driving Toolkit-includes activities, discussions, and scenarios.
NOYS: Impaired Driving
Teens in the Driver’s Seat: Impaired Driving
Drug Driving Facts
SAM: Smart Approaches to Marijuana
Marijuana and Driving
Drug Involvement of Fatally Injured Drivers
Marijuana Impaired Driving: A Public Health Concern
Impact of Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado
Drug Free World

Poster – Marijuana and impaired driving

Do Something: Take Action


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