Every month, my friend Amber Shepherd hosts a high school counselor chat on Twitter known as #HSCCHAT.  Tonight, I had the pleasure of standing in for Amber and hosting tonight’s chat featuring information on the new SAT!  Lauren Gaggioli, founder of  Higher Scores Test Prep, did an amazing job of explaining the differences between the old and new SAT and how school counselors should advise our students.  Because of all the mystery behind the new SAT, here are some important highlights I wanted to share from tonight’s chat.

  • The new SAT appears in March, 2016!
  • The new SAT will include four mandatory sections: Reading, Writing, Math (No Calculator), Math (With Calculator) in that exact order. In addition, the content will change from strategy based information.
  •  The PSAT changes this October to match the new SAT. 
  • Not only has the content changed, but College Board has removed the guessing penalty (which could be good or bad depending on how you view it). 
  •  Juniors should take the new PSAT!
  • The old SAT and the new SAT are two totally different tests!
  • Students should prepare for either the SAT or ACT for at least 8 weeks.  You can check out Lauren’s site for more test prep information. 
  • In preparing for the SAT, students should take two back to back exams with a third in reserve.  Lauren gives great tips on how students can avoid mistakes when planning to take their test(s). 
  • Students should always take a practice test to determine their stronger test. They should not wait to see which test is best.  
  • Most schools are accepting both tests for the Class of 2017.
  • If juniors feel they must take the SAT, advise them to take the Fall SAT (September, 2017). 
  • Avoid 3rd party books about the new SAT…they stink!
  • Lauren’s final recommendation…the Class of 2016 & 17 should STAY AWAY from the new SAT!!    
Final word from Lauren..Students should take the ACT!  

The New SAT
College Board: Difference Between the Old and New SAT
College Raptor: Nine Things Every Student and Parent Needs to Know About the New SAT
2015-16 ACT and SAT Dates


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