October 5th – Stomp Out Bullying Day 

Students can wear blue to show their support in stomping out bullying in their school.  Check out this site for more information and activities!

See my blog on bullying awareness activities.

October 8th – National Depression Screening Day

Bring awareness to depression to students by helping them recognize the signs and symptoms of depression.  Mental Health America has resources that you can use to educate yourself and your students.

October 10th – World Mental Health Day

Help reduce the stigma of mental illness by raising awareness.  Some activities include signing the No Stigma Pledge, passing out green ribbons, and having resources available for staff and students.  Download the toolkit from  NAMI.

In addition, recruit your science and health teachers to fight mental illness stigma with science.   Check out the website Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Mental Illness Awareness.

Also, find some additional resources for school counselors in this blog post on mental health awareness.


October 18th – 24th – National  Teen Drivers Safety Week

Promote safe driving among your students by organizing a week of safe driving activities.  Check out the campaign, Ride Like a Friend, Drive Like You Care.  Also, consider a seat belt campaign by joining Teens in the Driver’s Seat.

See my past blogs on safe teen driving activities. 


October 21st – Unity Day

Students can wear orange to show that they stand against bullying.  More resources can be found at the Pacer’s site.

For more ideas, check out my blog post about bullying awareness ideas in October from 2013.

October 23rd – 31st – Red Ribbon Week

Promote drug free living in your school by celebrating this week long healthy living campaign.  Check out the Red Ribbon Week Campaign website for more information and ideas.

Check out my blog on Red Ribbon Week ideas from 2014 and some ideas of out of the box Red Ribbon activities from 2013.

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