Do you run a peer mediation program that you consider to be a little lackluster?  One great way to promote your program is to bring attention to conflict awareness during Conflict Resolution Day.

What is Conflict Resolution Day?

Every 3rd Thursday in October, conflict professionals celebrate Conflict Resolution Day. If you are looking for guidance on how to organize conflict awareness on this special day, download the Conflict Resolution Day toolkit.  This year, one event that continues for students is the Conflict Resolution Day poetry contest. The current poetry contest theme is “Building Peace” and  targets students in grades 3-12.  

Need Conflict Resolution Day Resources?

I am always looking for useful resources.  The Association for Conflict Resolution and its partners have put together a great deal of resources for schools who are interested in promoting Conflict Resolution Day.  Check out the resources below!

Conflict Resolution Day Activities
Resources and Ideas

Advantages of Mediation in Schools

Do you struggle explaining why mediation is beneficial in your school.  Students Against Destructive Decisions has put together a concise explanation for advisors.  In addition, I have added a video explaining how mediation can be a valuable tool.

SADD – Why Mediation?

Mediation: A Valuable Tool in Schools

Tools for Teaching Conflict to Students

Maybe you don’t have a mediation program, but you are interested in conflict awareness.  Check out  these great resources below. 

Calming Upset People
School Tools – Conflict Resolution lessons by Western Justice Center.
CREducation Resources

Useful Videos

I love short videos when I am teaching a concept and these two videos are really great for middle school and high school students when teaching conflict skills such as communication, problem solving, and empathy. 

Effective Communication

Problem Solving



Past Blog Posts

Here are my past blog posts regarding activities and ideas for Conflict Resolution Day. 

Conflict Resolution Day Ideas-Blog Post October, 2014
Conflict Resolution Day Activities-Blog Post October, 2013


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