I would like to take the focus off school counselors for moment and shine the spotlight on our principals.  Over the years, I have some really remarkable principals who valued my job as a school counselor while others barely recognized my existence.  However, I have always determined that I would be supportive of that principal whether he or she was my biggest cheerleader or critic. 

According to the ASCA, the three major components of developing an effective principal-counselor relationship include:

  • mutual trust
  • effective communication
  • a shared vision

While these are definitely important, there are additional characteristics. These characteristics include:

  • opportunities to share ideas
  • school counselor participation on leadership teams
  • joint responsibility in the development of goals
  • mutual respect
  • shared decision making on student success initiatives
  • a commitment to equity

Want to know more about developing an effective principal relationship?  Check out these resources!
Principal-Counselor Relationship Toolkit  – great resources with assessments, worksheets, and ideas.
College Board: Relationship between the counselor and principal audio file
#SCCHAT-Counselor/Principal Relationship
From the Counselor’s Office: Counselor-Principal Office
#PSCChat – Join counselor Nicole DiSilvestro and Principal Sam Fancera for great ideas on   improving the principal-counselor relationship.  Next chat is 9/28/2015.

So, regardless if your principal is Ron Clark or Principal Trunchbull (Matilda), National Principals’ Month (every October) is a great way to show your principal that you appreciate his/her leadership and commitment.  Check out the following list of ideas and I am sure you will find something in this list to help you establish a better relationship with your principal!

Principal Trunchball

Ron Clark

                      List of Ideas

Set up a banner where students, staff, and parents can write notes of appreciation.

Create a giant “thank you” card from staff members.

Provide a weekly treat for your principal.

Write letters of support to your superintendent showing support for the principal.

Decorate your principal’s door showing appreciation.

Arrange for different staff members and students to show their appreciation each day on the intercom.

Tweet your gratitude using #ThankAPrincipal.

National Principal’s Month


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