September 7-13

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week
Bring awareness prevention, intervention, and postvention strategies to your school. 

More Than Sad
Program created to increase the understanding of youth suicide, risk factors that increase suicide, and prevention strategies.

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools
This toolkit provides guidance for schools on suicide. Includes: templates; do’s/don’ts; guidelines for action; and topics like memorials, handing a crisis, social media, and suicide contagion.

Suicide Shouldn’t Be a Secret PSA
The PSA’s educate about the warning signs of depression and action steps to take when a youth is suicidal.  

Other Resources:

Youth Suicide Prevention Program
The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide
Sources of Strength

September 17

Constitution/Citizenship Day

Great week to promote civility and digital citizenship.

Democracy Is Us– Website created by Bill Warters of Wayne State University promoting civility. 
The Morningside Center – Using circles to discuss the Charleston Massacre.
Teaching About Controversial Issues in the Classroom – Great outline of how to create a discussion around controversial issues with students.
Speak Your Peace Toolkit – Discover the 9 tools of civility.
Nine Tools of Civility – Contract on speaking to each other respectfully.
Nine Tools of Civility Poster

Digital Citizenship – Curriculum and resources from Canada.
Digital Citizenship – How to combat cyberbullying.
Edudemic – 15 Digital Citizen resources.
Digital Citizenship in School

Digital Summit  October 3, 2015-Discussion on digital citizenship.

September 18-21

Clean Up the World Weekend

Naviance asked school counselors why students should be involved in community service projects and they gave four reasons:
1. Gives students a sense of purpose.
2. Community service has a positive impact on grades.
3. Can change the way students view the world.
4. Community service has a positive impact on college admissions.

Clean Up the World 2015 Logo

As a school counselor, consider encouraging your students to be involved in community service projects like Clean Up the World Weekend. This campaign started in the 90s in Australia and is quickly catching on around the world.  Students are encouraged to pick an environmental issue and plan a community service activity. 

How to Plan an Activity 

September 21

International Day of Peace
Promote peace in your school and community!!

The Peace One Day USA Education Resource  – Action plan and resource guide for Peace Day Activities.
The Peace One Day Global Education Resource  – Resource guide with activities and lesson plans for teaching about global peace initiatives.

Check it out:
Peace Cast TV – This web station will broadcast submissions from all over the world on Sept. 21st.

Think about encouraging your students to use their talents to promote peace by participating in some of these events:
One Day One Goal – Promotes peace through the power of soccer.
One Day One Dance  – Encourage peace through dance.

Some Fun Activities to Consider for Your School:

Create Peace Doves
Right to Peace Sing A Long
Make a Peace Flag
Chalk for Peace
Pinwheels for Peace


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