Pattie Porter

 I am so excited to be a guest on the Texas Conflict Coach Radio Show Back to School Series!  The Texas Conflict Coach, also known as the fabulous Pattie Porter, is a conflict resolution expert, mediator, conflict
coach, and speaker. Each August, Pattie hosts a series of issues around conflict in schools. In this series, Pattie will have a lot of great topics. I have included the ones that are currently published on the website for August.

August 4th – The Sure Fire Way to Stop Bullying Now
Anita Telle
Tracy Culbreath

August 11th – Adolescent Mental Health Disorders: Adults Negative Reactions Can Amp Conflict
Cynthia Morton (aka me!)

What is Youth Mental Health First Aid?


Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) offers help to a person developing or experience a mental health crisis.  Although YMHFA is not a substitute for counseling, its goals are to reduce stigma and provide early intervention to adolescents. Anyone who works with youth can be trained in YMHFA. 

Algee the Bear

This course is designed for those who work with adolescents between the ages of 12-18 and introduces them to the unique risks and warning signs of mental illness. In addition, the course identifies the importance of early intervention and teaches participants how to help youth who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Not only is this course appropriate for those who work with youth, but the course is also appropriate for older adolescents (ages 16 or older) as to encourage peer to peer interaction. 

(See my past blog post about YMHFA)

Additional Resources about YMHFA

Youth Mental Health First Aid 
Find a Training in Your State 
Resources to Recognize and Help Troubled Youth 

Past Episodes from the Texas Conflict Coach Radio Show

Also, check out past shows regarding conflict in schools.  

Want to know more about YMHFA?  Please feel free to contact me!


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