Me sulking in the corner because I missed ASCA15

So you were not able to attend ASCA15 this year.  Well, I know the feeling because I was not able to go to Phoenix either!!  However, through the magic of Twitter, I was able to vicariously keep up with the conference from the tweets of fabulous school counselors at ASCA. If you missed the conference, I want to share some amazing resources with you!!

Franciene Sabens – I Built Something Magical and Now I am Ready to Spice it Up!

Danielle Schultz – Notatasca15-Virtual Chat 

Chris Belcher – My Favorite Tweets from #Notatasca15

Susan Spellman Cann 
ASCA15 Conference and Connections in Phoenix
Asca15: Making a Difference…School Counsellors

Jeff Ream – Fiery School Counselor: From Blah to Blazing

Carol Miller – StarBound, Check out her new book


I will so be at ASCA16!

Don’t miss next year’s conference in New Orleans, LA from July 9-12, 2016.        

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