Although I am not a newbie at technology, I still consider myself a novice. Over the last three years, I have learned a lot from Danielle Schultz, Erin Mason, Jeff Ream, Jeremy Goldman and Susan Spellman Cann about how to be more savvy at using different modes of technology as a school counselor. Now that I am feeling more comfortable with using different types of technology for my school counseling professional development, it is time to extend my “skills” to my students and parents by creating a educational and functional website.

Last year, Jeff Ream and Jeremy Goldman presented on branding your school counseling program.  What is branding?  According to Jeff and Jeremy, branding is the promise or big idea about your service.

How do you brand your school counseling program?  

1.  Create your school counseling message.

2.  Market your message to your audience.

3.  Gather your data.

One way to market your school counseling program is to create a school counseling website.  During ASCA13, Stephen Kennedy put together a presentation on how to develop a “great” school counseling website. 

Here is an outline of his suggestions for creating a great website:

Step 1:  Decide if you want to use your school’s website or another outside template.  Some examples include:

Google sites
Wiki Spaces
Social media sites like Blogger or WordPress.  See Jeff Ream’s post on Building a Better Blog for great tips!

Step 2: Pick a title

Remember ASCA encourages us to use the term school counselor; however, many counseling webpages use the term guidance counselor.

Step 3: Divide the website into categories

Categories can include:

  • Class pages
  • Career, personal/social, & academic resources
  • Parent page
  • Group counseling resources
  • Individual  counseling resources
  • Classroom Guidance
  • Financial Aid
  • Test Prep
  • Scholarships
  • Registration/Scheduling
  • Study tips
  • Transition

Step 4: Link to Outside Resources

1. Choose resources that parents and students ask about regularly. Some that my families ask about include:

2.  Consider creating and adding a live binder of all your websites for easy access.

Step 5: Define your role into ASCA mindsets.

Step 6: Consider diversity when putting together your website.  Include resources based on:

  • Gender
  • Culture
  • Orientation
  • Disabilities
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Language

Step 7: Formatting

  • Limit text to 1000 words.
  • Put important information in the center of the screen.
  • Limit scrolling.
  • Avoid using blinking, entirely capitalized, or scrolling words.
  • Colored or underlined text may be mistaken for hyperlinks.

Step 8: Add a calendar

  • Include:
  1. Classroom guidance sessions.
  2. Important meetings, tests, and conferences.
  3. Tutoring
  4. Deadlines for financial aid, scholarships, and applications.
  5. College tours
  6. Registration 

Step 9: Add a survey

Step 10: Add a newsletter.  A great newsletter to add to your site is High School Counselor Week.

Step 11:  Add your own app or other technology apps

Remind – Allows student and parents to sign up for text reminders.

School Counseling Website Development, Stephen Kennedy
ASCA, 2013 

In my obsession to create a better website for our school counseling department, I did an extensive high school counseling website search.  Using words like best, top, and excellent, I found an expansive list of high school websites.  These sites have expansive lists of resources, creative ways of reaching out to parents & students, important information, and much more.  Although, I could not include all the websites I found to be great, I thought these schools & districts followed the majority of Kennedy’s recommendations.  

Please contact me if you want me to add any additional websites!!



Akins High School

Albany High School

American Fork High School

Analy High School

Apex High School Livebinder

Apex High School

Arizona School Counselors Livebinder


Baldwin High School

Bartlett Yancey High School

Burkburnett High School

Burlington High School


California High School 

Cambridge High School

Cary High School

Cedar Falls High School Livebinder

Central High School Counseling

Charlotte High School

Chief Leschi High School Livebinder

Cibola High School

Clarke County Schools Counseling Site

Cypress Ranch High School


Dexter High School


Edina High School

Edison High School 

Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Ephrata High School

Esperanza High School


Fairley High School

Fairview High School

Fordson High School

Fossil Ridge High School

Fontainebleau High School 

Francis Howell High School

Frank Dobie High School

Fremont High School

Friendswood High School

Frisco Independent School District


George Washington High School

Glencoe High School

Granite School District 

Great Oak High School


Hanover Horton School Counseling

Harlandale High School

Harold L Richards High School

Hastings High School

Hebron High School

Henry M. Gunn High School

Highland High School

Hillsboro High School

Hillside High School


Iowa Department of Education School Counseling Site

Issaquah High School

Jackson County High School

Jefferson County High School

Jefferson County Schools

John Stark Regional High School


La Costa Canyon High School

Lakeshore High School

Lake Travis High School

Lanier High School

Lassiter High School

Lebanon School District

Lehman High School

Linn Mar High School

Louis Dieruff High School

Lynn English High School 


Marshall High School

Mckinney-North High School

Milton High School

Missouri Career Education

Montgomery Public Schools Counselors

Mount Shasta High School

Murrieta Valley School District


Naperville High School

Nimitz High School

North Oconee High School

North Tahoe High School

Northwest Independent School District


Oak Park High School

Oklahoma School Counselors 

Olympus High School

Oneonta High School

Osbourne Park High School


Pahrump Valley High School

Palos Verdes High School

Paris High School Counseling Livebinder

Parkdale High School 

Paso Robles High School

Pennsbury School District

Pickerington High School

Pikesville High School Counseling 

Pittsford Stattford High School 

P K Yonge Developmental Research High School

Princeton City Schools

Rancho Mirage High School

Redmond High School

Robert Vela High School 

Rochester High School

Roswell High School Student Services


Salmon High School

Saucon Valley High School

Sheboygan High School

Sparta High School

Staley High School

Sunset High School

Sweetwater High School


Tacoma School Counselors Livebinder

Tenafly High School

Texas School Counselor Website


Valdosta High School

Valencia High School

Vanden High School

Vermilion Parish Schools

Virginia Alliance for School Counseling


Walton High School

Washington State Counseling Site

Wayzata High School

West Virginia School Counseling Website

Westwood High School

Wilson High School

Winnetonka High School

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