Want to participate in the ASCA Conference, but can’t travel to Phoenix?  Boy, do I have an answer for you!!  Join Erin Mason, Danielle Schultz, Chris Belser, Wendy Rock,  myself, and other school counselors for the 2nd Annual #NotatASCA15 Twitter Chat and/or sign up for the ASCA Virtual Conference.  

 If you are considering following the chat, here are some tips:

  • Set up your Twitter Feed for #ASCA15 and #NotatASCA15 on Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.  Here is Danielle Schultz’s feed from Tweetdeck that she has featured for newbies.  Check out her very informative blog on participating in #NotatASCA15.

  • Pick the time slots in which you want to participate or even consider hosting an hour long chat.  Erin Mason has provided a Google Doc for those who wish to sign up and host! Think about stepping out! 

June 29th 9 am -5 pm 

June 30th 9am -5 pm

July 1st 9 am -12 pm

  • Join the chat on June 29th @ 8:00 PM EST hosted by Danielle Schultz and Erin Mason!

  • Can’t make it during those times, not a problem!  A transcript will be available on Storify for you to view.  Also, highlights will be available on my blog!

Want a preview of the chat?  Check out last year’s Twitter Chat from #NotASCA14?

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