Okay, I admit it! I am a child of the 80s. As I am sitting here watching a marathon of Behind the Music, I am transported back to the days of Aqua Net, spandex, and my musical idols.  If you lived during this era, you may remember the larger than life artists and bands who ruled the airwaves at the time like Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Motley Crue, Journey, and list goes on and on.  While watching the series today, I noticed an interesting feature. On some of the shows, the producers interviewed current artists who discussed how their music was influenced by these superstars.  Therefore, these artists took their heroes’  influences and perfected their own craft.

Musical Influences of Contemporary Artists

You may be asking what does this have to do with school counselors?  Since my mind works in some unusual ways, I will put it together for you.  Over the years, there has been a lot of backbreaking groundwork and publicity to enhance the status of school counselors.  This work has been accomplished by  dedicated members of our national organization, the American School Counseling Association, the leadership of many state organizations (Go Georgia!),  former and present school counselors, and counselor educators (see the Timeline: History-of-Counseling by Daclan Habeck). Since becoming involved in #SCCROWD, #SCCHAT, & #HSCCHAT, I have found a lot of knowledgeable and influential school counselors and counselor educators that I stalk regularly.  In my opinion, these educators are my counseling idols and deserve public recognition for their work and contributions in the field of school counseling!!  So, if you want to expand your counseling skills, check out my counseling rock stars!!

My Counseling Rock Stars for High School Counselors                                 

Blogging Stars                                                  

Danielle Schultz
Tracy Jackson
Elizabeth Cranford

Creativity Stars

Carol Miller
Traci Brown

Technology Stars

Erin Mason 
Jeff Ream

Leadership Stars

Tim Conway
Jeremy Goldman

Education Stars

Raychelle Lohmann 
Julia Taylor 
Patrick O’Connor 

Data Stars

Trish Hatch
Franciene Sabens
Russ Sabella

Professional Development Stars

Susan Spellman Cann
Ross Wolfson
Amber Shepherd-Thompson

Top Blogs

Need Professional Development: Check out these School Counselor Professional Development for High School Counselors

School Counselor Crowd

High School Counselor Chat
School Counselor Chat

Do you have a fav counselor that you follow?  Post your counselor crush so I to add him or her to our list!!  

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