It is May which not only brings flowers, but traffic accidents!!

According to NOYS, the facts about teen driving accidents are alarming.  Did you know…

  • Car crashes are the #1 killer of youth in the US.
  • Nearly two-thirds of teen passengers who die in crashes were not wearing a seat belt.
  • Fifty-eight percent of teens involved in traffic crashes were distracted.
  • Of teens killed in crashes, 10 percent are bicyclists and five percent are pedestrians.
  • About 25 percent of car crashes involve an underage drinker.
  • In an average 30 day period, more than 20 percent of high school students will ride in a care with a driver who has been drinking.
  • Marijuana is the most commonly identified illegal drug in fatal crashes.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among high school aged youth in the US.

  • The goal of the Global Youth Safety month long campaign, sponsored by NOYS,  is to raise awareness about youth safety issues during spring & summer events like prom, graduation, and summer driving.  According to researchers, May through July are the deadliest months for traffic accidents by teens.  

    Global Youth Safety Toolkit

    NOYS Twitter Chat 
    May 6 @ 8PM ET – Drunk, Drugged and Drowsy Driving
    May 13 @ 8PM ET – Seat Belts
    May 20 @ 8PM ET – Driving Distractions
    May 27 @ 8PM ET – Sharing the Road

    Check out the Global Youth Safety Day Action Guide for activities for your school.

    NOYS Action Guide

    Activities for Peer Helpers and Students Interested in Community Service

    Youth Correspondent – A great opportunity for youth to use multimedia to get out the word about traffic safety.

    Host a Reality Check or student led discussion about underage drinking and driving with peers.

    2015 Teen Driving Summit – October 16-20, 2015.  Students can complete the mentoring application to apply for a coveted spot.

    Other Youth Driving Safety Resources:

    National Highway Safety Administration

    National Safety Council

    Teen Safe Driver

    Teen Driver Source

    Seat Belt Statistics for Your State

    Student-Parent Driving Contract

    Celebrate My Drive

    All State Foundation

    Geico Safe Driving Library

    Teen Drive 365

    Road Aware

    Teens in the Driver’s Seat

    CDC Safe Driving Resources

    It Can Wait

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