February is a busy month if you are a high school counselor.  From registration to handling day to day problems, we can easily get caught up in mundane activities.  However, if you want to make an impact during the month of February, there are several social awareness activities you can implement in your school.  Oh, wait!  I almost forgot!  February is a very special month if you are a school counselor!  It is special because we get to celebrate our profession during National School Counseling Week! 

National School Counseling Week
February 2nd-6th

Here is daily list of activities…

NSCW Downloads

Monday Poster

Wednesday Download

Other materials:

ASCA School Counselor Materials Order Form – if you want to order materials, you can place an order until Jan. 23rd.


Sample Morning Announcements

Additional Ideas from Wisconsin School Counselor Association:

  • Create special school counseling announcements focusing on all areas (academics, personal/social, career) where a counselor can help the student body.
  • Have lunch with your colleagues and celebrate your many accomplishments  (Build a sub)
  • Create daily contests that engage students in learning more about the counseling program (Tear down walls, support  your counselor, watch your stress disappear)
  • Advertise to parents and teachers what you do through newsletters, brochures, and/or emails.
  • Share creative ‘gifts’ with students or staff to demonstrate you appreciate their support.
  • Mint candy – “you are worth a mint to me…compliments of the counseling department
  • Pencil – “School Counselors point you in the right direction.”
  • Hugs/Kisses – “School Counselors promote a positive school climate.”
  • Lifesaver – “School counselors can save the day…if you give them a chance.”
  • Gum – “School counselors can get you out of a sticky situation.”
  • Snack bag of chips – “School Counselors will chip in and help anytime.”
  • “Extra” brand gum – “School Counselors work extra hard to make our school great.”
  • Mounds candy – “If you are under mounds of pressure, come see your school counselor.”
Organize your own event to help parents and students with the FAFSA or provide the dates for other College Goal Sunday events in your area.
What is College Goal Sunday?
College Goal Sunday is a free event where seniors and their parents can get assistance with the FAFSA for college.

February 9-13, 2015
Since the Ray Rice incident hit the media, there has a been a huge campaign to talk about violence in relationships. As a school counselor, you can bring awareness to this issue in your school by downloading activities from the Love Is Respect website.

Respect Week Handbook

Some notable activities:

  • Post comments to twitter using the #respectweek2015
  • Wear orange for love on February 10th
  • Arrange a pledge campaign called “These Hands Don’t Hurt” where students sign a hand pledging not to participate in dating violence.

See other ideas from my posts on Sexual Bullying and Dating Violence Awareness.

Kindness Week

February 9-15

Celebrate random acts of kindness in your school by downloading your kit.  Also, check out my Kindness Week blog for more ideas! 

See you in March!!

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