Want to reduce your stress and slow down aging?  If so, practice kindness! Being kind produces serotonin which heals your wounds and makes you feel better.  In fact, kindness boosts serotonin in the giver, the receiver, and those who witness the act.  In addition to serotonin, kindness also produces endorphins or the body’s natural ability to kill pain and oxytocin or the chemical that encourages bonding and trust. So kindness has a lot of positive side effects that can have a ripple effect in your school (even high school!). 

Science of Kindness

View these two videos on the science behind kindness and how it works.

National Kindness Week

National Kindness Week is just around the corner  (February 9-15) and you can improve the climate of your high school by promoting kindness.  Go to the Random Acts of Kindness website and sign your school up to be a RAKtivist!

Sign Up to be a RAKtivist!

Just want resources to spread kindness, check out the RAK resources below:

RAK Resources – download posters, quotes, book suggestions, and more!

Kindness Cards

Mini Kindness Poster on Kind Texting

School ideas from 2014

Lesson plans – register and download lesson plans on active listening, peer pressure, problem solving, and feelings.

Calendars and activities

Other Kindness Links

Try these Random Acts of Kindness for High School Students and High School Counselors from RAK website:

  • Positive Office Referrals-send students to the office with a positive referral. 
  • Kindness Challenge-ask the principal to challenge students with a kindness challenge on the intercom each day.
  • Kindness Posts-have your peer helpers post positive notes on lockers, bathroom mirrors, walls, etc.
  • Janitor Appreciation-clean your office for the janitor and leave a note for him or her expressing your gratitude.
  • Valen-Kinds-make and send staff valen-kinds to say thank you for their support and hard work.
Post any of your kindness activities on my blog!  Love to hear from you!!

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