What is Peer Resources?

One of the most successful peer helping programs is located in the school districts of San Francisco and started 35 years ago!  In 1979, a student brought a hatchet to school to attack one of his peers (here is the kicker, many of the students knew about the attack!). After the event, several educators decided that peers have the ability and influence to help other peers; however, they just needed the training, resources, and support to be successful. Since its inception, this peer helping program, now called Peer Resources, trains over 600 peers each year and serves over 14,000 students in the Bay Area!

Ira Sachnoff

Ira Sachnoff, founder of Peer Resources, sent the board members of the National Association of Peer Programs a video that gives an overview of the history of the program that started in one school with two classes and slowly expanded to all districts. The program only began with peer tutors, but Ira later included classes of peer mentors, peer counselors, and peer mediators.  If you live in the San Francisco area, I encourage you to attend one of Ira’s wonderful trainings.

Peer Resources Trainings

Brief of Peer Resources

In this video, Ira shares a beautiful overview of his legacy and in turn, I would like to share it with all of you.  

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