Welcome to my top ten posts for 2014!  Each year,  I like to include the posts that have the most hits over the last 365 days.  

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to share with your colleagues!!

Check out some great websites, blogs, and resources for high school counselors!!

Tools include Twitter, Schedule Once, QR Codes, Remind, Livebinders, Visual.ly, Haiku Deck, and Voki. 

View the awesome videos created by Erin Mason on how to use some of the most popular tech tools available to school counselors. These tools include Twitter, Livebinders, Google Drive, Smore, and Remind.

Check out some great ideas on how to promote your Red Ribbon Campaign using some new and creative ideas.  View my other posts on Red Ribbon Week ideas.  Check my newest post from this October: The Ultimate Over the Top Campaign for Red Ribbon Week.

Read about some of my scariest moments over the 15 years as a high school counselor.  Some of the events are quite unbelievable!!

This is one of my newer posts that got a lot of hits from school counselors!  Seems that that many school professionals are interested in this topic!!  Stay tuned to more posts on handling conflict in schools as a school counselor.

This posts looks at how we can work with freshmen at the beginning of the school year.

This post is an overview of a presentation conducted by Russ Sabella at he 2014 American School Counselor Conference on the effectiveness of using Google in your counseling practice.

Check out some of the best of the best on Twitter!!

Some of my new tech tool loves include: Portfoliyo, School Circle, Volunteer Spot, Pinterest, and Emaze!!

Want to know the top posts from 2013?  View my post here!

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