Georgia Apply to College Early materials

Have you ever wanted to host your own apply to college event?  If you live in Georgia, you are definitely in luck!!  Each year, high schools around the state are invited to sign up and participate in the Georgia Apply to College Early Event.  Once your school applies to become a site, your school will receive free electronic manuals, free pins for staff members, free stickers for students, and a large banner to post outside your school.  If you are not a high school counselor in Georgia, NO WORRIES!  I have posted some materials from Georgia and other states so you can create your own event!!

What is Apply to College Early?

The first Apply to College Early Day was held in 2008 with only eight high schools participating in Georgia.  Since that time, Apply to College Day has grown to include over 200 high schools in the state. During the month of November, students and their parents are invited to attend the event and apply for the college(s) of their choice.  During that time, students log into their GACollege411 accounts, apply to college, and request a transcript be sent by their counselor.

Georgia Apply to College Logo

Why Host an Event?

Of course, our number one goal is to help all students apply to college!!  However, there are some additional benefits of holding an event. The College Board states that First Generation Students need additional guidance and assistance when applying for college.  They are usually the most hesitant in applying for college, may not understand application deadlines, and need assistance with the college application process.  Also, undocumented students may not be aware they that can go to college in the United States because there is no federal law that forbids these students from attending college. Holding an event may allow you time to work with undocumented students and their families in a safe and welcoming environment. Finally, don’t forget your homeless and unaccompanied minor population!  They need additional assistance in applying for college!  The National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth provides great resources to help answer questions regarding college entrance, fee waivers, and financial aid through the McKinney Vento Act.

Resources for First Generation Students
Undocumented Students
Unaccompanied Children Resources
Toolkit for Homeless Students to Access College

How to Plan Your Own Event

I have provided materials from Georgia, but you can access materials from other states below.

Site Coordinator’s Manual
Resources for Parents and Students

  • Includes event timeline
  • How to recruit volunteers
  • Sample communication letters to parents and volunteers
  • Pre-Event Media Release
  • Post-Event Media Release
  • Suggested supplemental activities
  • Fee Waivers

Volunteer Sign In Sheet

Who can volunteer?

  • Retired staff members
  • School counselors from other schools
  • PTA Members
  • Local churches
  • Community members
  • Parents
  • Staff members

Sign Out Sheet-get information from students about where they applied to college before they leave.


Supplemental Activities

Getting ready for the event:

College Application Breakdown for Students-help students understand the college application process.

  • Encourage students to plan a college visit.
  • Hold a college informational night for parents.
  • Advertise college fairs in your area.
  • Encourage English teachers to incorporate college essay writing as part of their curriculum.
  • Encourage a College Spirit Day for students and staff where staff members are encouraged to share their college experiences with their students.
  • Have students participate in a College Bingo Game to find answers from staff members and have offer a prize for seniors who are able to get the most signatures.

College Green Light-Getting Ready for Application Season
College Week Live-Getting Ready for College

Downloadable Bingo Game

    Other state events:

    North Carolina
    Ohio – Requires a password for Ohio schools.
    South Carolina

    NACAC Events:

    NACAC Spring College Fairs
    NACAC 2015 National – October 1-3, 2015, San Diego, California

    If you have held your own apply to college event, I would love to hear your ideas!  Feel free to share!

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