In 2005, the Association for Conflict Resolution created a special day to promote conflict resolution in organizations. Conflict Resolution Day occurs the third Thursday of October and its purpose is to:

  • promote peaceful means to settle conflict.
  • promote the use of conflict resolution in schools, businesses, organizations, and communities.
  • recognize the contributions of conflict resolvers.

Conflict Resolution Day is a great way to promote your school’s conflict resolution program to students, staff, and the community.  If you have a peer mediation program, consider holding the following activities:
1.  Demonstrate a mock mediation during lunch to show students its benefits.
2. Organize a Peace Café based on a topic like bullying. I use the film Odd Girl Out to discuss the topic of cyber bullying and how students can make a difference in their school.
3.  Offer to hold workshops for classes in conflict resolution activities like conflict styles, perception & bias, communication styles, and non-verbal communication.

Resources for Conflict Resolvers:

For Conflict Resolution Day
Conflict Resolution School Toolkit
How to establish your conflict resolution day activities.
Do One Thing Famous Quotes Handouts
Print out pictures of famous people and their quotes about peace.

Materials and Resources to Use in the Classroom

High School Conflict Resolution Workbook
Peacebuilding Toolkit for High School Educators
New Jersey State Bar Association Middle and High School Peer Mediation Curriculum
Communication Lesson Toolkit for Girls
Responding to Conflict Lessons
Teaching Tolerance Conflict Lessons
Website by Dr. Bill Warters, Wayne State University
Conflict Resolution Network Links

Training for Educators

Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education

Tale by Dr. Seuss to use with students and staff about the problem with conflict. This can be used in a training and the classroom.


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