My name is Cindy and I am a Lifetime Movie watcher. 

In my opinion, there is nothing better on a cold rainy Saturday than watching a Lifetime movie.  In fact as I am writing this post, I am watching a Lifetime movie called “The Assault”. 
The movie highlights the sexual assault of a cheerleader by a star football player which sounds reminiscent of another sexual assault that was in the news about an Ohio football team.

Often we joke that Lifetime movies are really the reflection of our own lives on screen.  Some movies are over the top, but often there are some great takeaways from each movie that can be used in classroom or group guidance.  In fact every October, I use the movie “Odd Girl Out” to cover the topics of bullying and conflict resolution styles. 

Below, I have raided the Lifetime teen movie vault and posted several other films that a school counselor can use to prompt discussions about social issues like dating violence, eating disorders, and homelessness. In addition, I have attached several teen discussion guides to use with the films. 

Lifetime Movies

Girl Fight
Film about girl teen violence and bullying.

Reviving Ophelia
Become familiar with the signs of dating violence and its impact on teens and families.

Starving in Suburbia
Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. This film takes a look at the pro-thin culture.

The Choking Game
Know the signs of the choking game and how to prevent unnecessary deaths.

She’s Too Young
A syphilis outbreak hits a high school and the sexual activities of teens are exposed.

From Homeless to Harvard
The story of a homeless girl who made it to Harvard.

The Assault
A sexual assault on a cheerleader by the star football player shows the ugly side of teen life.

The Boy She Met Online
Exposes the dangers of online relationships.

Walking the Halls
A high school prostitution ring is led by the campus police.

Odd Girl Out
This film exposes girl bullying in the cyber world.

Is there a movie that you use in your classroom or group guidance? Please feel free to share!

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