Franciene Sabens of School Counselor Space posted her beautiful office space on her blog and asked others to share their spaces. Recently, I moved to another office in our suite so I decided to go from a more professional office look to a fun and festive look.  Don’t judge too harshly as I am still working on the décor; however, here is what I have to share with you right now. 
I can’t wait to see other school counselors’ ideas!!
I am adding huge calendar on my window…just put it up on Friday.

I will add all my certificates behind my desk and filling cabinet.

I wanted to incorporate the Reach Higher theme in my office.

I decided to hang butterflies from my ceiling.  Also, I found a lantern at Kirklands over the summer that lights up.

It may be corny, but all the big kids love my sheep.  He has been with me ever since I have become a school counselor. 

I love pictures (like you couldn’t tell) because it tells my story.  The picture in the center was painted by my autistic sister when she was 12.  Also, the goat is my favorite painting in the whole world. 
As department head, it is important for my to see what is going on especially when my secretary is away.  I have great view to the outside.  Oh, there are more pictures on the bookcase.

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