During the ASCA14 Conference in Orlando, I was excited to hear the First Lady share her new initiative to help all students understand the need to complete their education beyond high school. This new initiative, called Reach Higher, is part of the President’s goal to put America back in the race as the top producer of college graduates in the world.

The Reach Higher initiative has four goals:

1. Expose students to career and college opportunities;
2. Understand financial aid eligibility that can make college affordable;
3. Encourage academic planning and summer opportunities;
4. Support high school counselors who can help more students get into college.

Reach Higher Initiative

Transcript of the First Lady’s Remarks at ASCA

Video of First Lady’s Address to ASCA

How Can You Get Involved in the Reach Higher Initiative?

Recently, Dr. Erin Mason of SCOPE asked school counselors in the United States (one special counselor from Canada participated in support of the initiative!) to send in a picture with their Reach Higher goal.  You can see this video below of the over 100 school counselors who submitted their goals.

Tomorrow, July 28th, Dr. Mason asks that school counselors get involved by sending their picture and goal to social media with the hashtag #collegeaccess14.  Also, school counselors can view tomorrow’s conference of how stakeholders can strengthen school counseling and college advisement being held at Harvard University. You can view the conference on Harvard’s live streaming channel or watch later on You Tube.

My commitment to Reach Higher

This year, I have made a few commitments to reach higher by:

*promoting dual enrollment for juniors and senior;
*assisting with freshmen advisement;
*supporting our school’s new involvement in PBIS;
*conducting parent workshops on becoming college/career ready;
*creating a parent and student page with tons of information about post secondary options.

Now, what are some of your ideas of how you can reach higher at your high school? 

 I would love to hear your ideas!!


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