Whew, after a week I have finally narrowed down my list of 124 counseling and non-counseling pinterest pages that I regularly follow.  Although I follow 931 pages (I know I am obsessed!), these are the pages that pop up the most on my home page with helpful resources. Since it is summer, check out the pages below and I am sure you will find loads of resources for the new school year.  

Oh, by the way, I am always looking for new pages to follow so feel free to message me any pages that you like!!

Happy Pinning!

Counseling Pinterest Pages

APTED of San Francisco
Eating disorders
Trauma and PTSD
Ashley Ann
Team building activities
Audrey “Ohmygoh”
Counseling resources
Dr. Judy Belmont
Psychotherapy, psychology, and wellness blogs
Lynn Beverly
Counselor “stuff”
Margaret Bloomer
Role of the school counselor
Kelly Boerckel
College/Career counseling
Roslyn Breyfogle
Counseling forms
Stacy Browning
Professional Development
Andrea Burston
School counselor printables
Susan Spellman Cann
School counselors on Twitter
Carly Collins
Therapeutic videos
Cheree Cardwell
High school counseling ideas
Samantha Chambers
Counseling toolbox
Jennifer Cobb
Counseling activities, lessons, and information
The Counseling Geek
Blogging, resources, and technology information
Anna Coyne
High school counseling resources
Lorie D
High school counseling
Bud Dee
You Tube counseling videos
Megan Eickhoff
Counseling resources
Erica Ann
Counseling office organization
K-12 school counseling worksheets
Jennifer Filer
Ideas for the counselor’s office
Stephanie Fredericka
Helping students with anxiety
Jamie Friedland
Social-Emotional Learning
Candace Gadomski
School counseling “things”
Justina Gorman
School counseling resources for elementary, middle, and high school
Kathy Golden
Jennifer Gray
Counseling tools
Ang Hamiliton
School counseling posters
Julie de Azevedo Hanks
Therapy blogs
Marilyn Heinrichs
Anger resources
Beth Helman
School counselors and teachers
Bridgett Helms
3,500 counseling resources
The Helpful Counselor
School counselor collaboration station
Brittany Hemann
School counseling
Vicki Hessler
Adolescent brain development
Jennifer Hollis
School counselor information and resources
Laura Crisp Ketchie
Eating Disorders
Jewelee Kranning
School counseling
Amber Kuntz
Office ideas, forms, websites, and more…
Lisa Landy
Heather Lider
Alexis Liley
Counseling office ideas
Sara Loker
School counseling
Bethany D. Lopez
School counseling program ideas
Sara Madrigal
Pins regarding bullying, ADHD, autism, eating disorders, social skills, and lots more
Erin Mason
Blogging, technology, and lots of great resources
Megan McCleary
Red Ribbon Week Ideas
Salomeh Mohajer
Trauma and abuse
Carol Miller
Middle school counseling
Jodi Mills
School counseling resources
Melissa Mooney
School counseling blogs
Tammy Morrison
School counseling resources
Tammie Mueller
Middle school counseling and transition to high school
Linda Nightingale
Blogs and counseling websites
Christa Oberthier
Lots of information regarding personality, problem solving, addiction, etc.
Kim Padilla
School counseling information
Jeanne Perry
Resiliency and prevention
Margo Petroll
Conflict resolution
Pam Puls
School shooting resources
Ruth Ralston
Counseling posters, resources, supplies, and other neat things
Elissa Ray
Over 1,800 school counseling pins
Meghann Redd
School Counseling
Tonia Romancheck
High School counseling
Sarah Roper
School counseling resources
Autumn Manley Rowe
Julia Royal
College/financial aid planning
Lisa Savinon
School counseling
School Counselor Central
Tools for activities (counseling)
School Counselor Collaboration Station
Growing site for resources and collaboration
Danielle Schultz
Madeline Sells
School counseling
Vicki Simester
Counseling articles
Danielle Simpson
High school counseling
Leslie Simpson
Counseling bulletin boards
Katie Shafer
Crisis counseling
Deanna Parks Shuler
Solution Focused Counseling
Lanese Slagle
Counseling resources including ideas for bulletin boards
Tennessee School Counselors
High school resources
Tennessee School Counselors
Margie Shepheard
Counseling books, videos, icebreakers, and strategies for working with students in grades K-8
School counseling technology
Maggy Simonetti
High school and college resources
Julia Taylor
Body image
Trista Thompson
High school counseling resources
Cathy Thompson-Poston
School counseling resources
Ann Tilman
Blogging resources
Mallory Timberlake
High School Counseling
Tosha Todd
Career counseling
Alina Traveller
Getting down to business (counseling & blogging)
Cecilia Valencia
Almost 1,000 counseling resource pins
Hennie Verhoef
Multiple pins regarding therapy in the areas of resilience, conflict, emotions, etc. 
Michele Vincent
Counseling forms and printables
Jenny Vowell
Concentration on middle/high school counseling
Cynthia Wagenhauser
Teen therapy resources
Susan Washa
Group counseling
Jennifer Ann Wendland
School counseling resources
Christie Widger
Counseling humor
Sarah Woods
Almost 2,000 counseling resources, forms, and ideas
Hayley Young
Bullying resources

Technology Pinterest Pages

Donna Baumbach
Twitter tools
Beth CP
Technology and apps for therapists and counselors
Laura Candler
Technology in education
Med Kharback
Free technology for educators
Carol Miller
Technology in counseling
Russ Sabella
Technology and resources for school counselors
Shelly Terrell
Video storytelling
Susan Wilbanks
Counseling technology

Non School Counseling Pinterest Pages

Bully Definitions-Solutions
Bullying resources
Natalie Cannatella
Myers-Briggs Personality Test
Crisis Connection
Sexual assault resources
Developmental Resources
Webinars, training information, and other resources
Free Powerpoint Templates
Power point resources
High School Herd
Exclusively for high school educators
Laska Counseling
Self care resources
Peer helping
Suicide prevention, bullying prevention, and crisis resources
Private Practice From the Inside Out
Social Justice
Safe Schools Network
Anti-bullying/Gay-Straight resources
School Counselor Network
Counseling products we love
Stomp Out Bullying
Bullying resources
Teaching Tolerance
Teen Self Injury Treatment
Self Injury
Dr. Kay Trotter
Teen counseling

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