National Prevention Week is held each year before summer events like graduation parties, proms, weddings, sporting events, and outdoor activities. Since National Prevention Week is in the middle of May, it allows schools to take part in a prevention-themed event before the summer break. From May to July, there is an increase in the percentages of youth who use marijuana, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Daily Themes & Resources for School Counselors:

May 18thTobacco Use Prevention
Rethink Tobacco Toolkit  – 150 page manual from South Dakota with great ideas, activities, and resources for grades K-12.
Age me-Students can put in their photo and can see the effects of age, obesity, smoking, and sun exposure.
Chemistry Kills Poster– Show students all the ingredients in cigarette.
Rot Away– Help students see the deadly effects of smoking on their internal organs.

May 19thPrevention of Underage Drinking

Liability Laws Make Parents Responsible for Underage Drinking In Their Home
MADD Social Hosting Educational Initiative-educate your parents about hosting parties with drinking.

May 22ndPrevention of Suicide

Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Centre for Suicide Prevention
Question, Persuade, and Respond-training for school counselors and school staff.

Great Resource to Give Students

May 23rdPromotion of Mental Health
Poster to Display

Sample Resource

I hope you can sponsor some events next week.  Since our graduation is Saturday, I cannot participate this year.  Oh well, maybe next year!

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