I don’t know if you are like me, but I spend a lot of my time organizing events and meetings. One of the biggest wastes of time seems to be going back and forth via email or the phone trying to pin down a date and time that works for everyone (drives me crazy!). 

In one of my last phone conferences, another professional heard my frustration about scheduling meetings and suggested that I try Doodle.  Like me, you may not have heard about doodle, but here is what it does…

When you have to schedule a meeting, log into Doodle and you are able to pick multiple dates and times to hold your meeting. 

 After you pick your dates and times, you email the participants and Doodle sends them a survey to take.  From the survey, you decide the best date and time to hold your meeting. 

Wait, that it is not all!  Doodle has some other features that are neat…you can share your calendar,  set up your own personal meeting page to send to others via social media, and even download the Doodle app for your phone.

I can totally see Doodle making my life easier when it comes to scheduling teacher/parent conferences, registration appointments, or meetings with colleagues!!  Definitely think about trying this new tech tool in your office and I think it will make your life easier too!



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