I hate to admit that I have been kind of a slow starter when it comes to using Google Docs and Google Drive. Maybe it was the winter blahs, but now that it is spring, I am ready to incorporate Docs and Drive in my office! 

 What is Google Docs and Google Drive? 

Google Docs is a productivity app that allows school counselors to create different types of online documents, work on them in real time, and store them in their online Google Drive. The great thing about Google Docs is that you can access your documents from any place, any computer, or even without the internet!

New to Google Docs? Check out this starter kit from Google.

Google Docs Starter Kit  

This past Sunday, SCOPE or the School Counselor Online Professional Exchange, sponsored an online event featuring the organizational advantages of using Google Docs and Google Drive in school counseling. This event was hosted by Maryland’s new School Counselor of the Year, Jeremy Goldman.

SCOPE Online Event-Google Docs and Google Drive


Still don’t know where to start, check out this tutorial on how to create a Google document.


Google Docs Tutorial


  Here is another school counselor using Google Docs in her PK-12 school counselor practice!

Check out the blog by The Independent School Counselor and her post on Google forms.

Check out this great website by Jeremy!

Pikesville High School Website

Pikesville High School School Counseling Website
Check out this fantastic school counseling site for great ideas to incorporate in your school counseling department.

Check out this great site from the school counseling tech guru, The Counseling Geek…


The Counseling Geek

The Counseling Geek
A great site to show school counselors how to incorporate technology into their practice!

Want to know more about how to incorporate technology in your office?  Think about attending the ASCA Pre-Conference on Marketing and Branding Your School Counseling Program.

You can meet the Maryland School Counselor of the Year and the Counseling Geek in person.  Attend the ASCA14 Pre-Conference called “Branding and Marketing Your School Counseling Program”.

 Branding & Marketing Your School Counseling Program

Oh, check out the latest edition of the School Counseling Magazine with great information on technology!

School Counselor Magazine

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