Each month I will showcase a technology tool that I am using to share information with students, staff, and other professionals. This month’s tool is Prezi.

Prezi is a zooming canvas that presents information in a creative, attractive and interesting format; a great alternative to Power Point!  Although Prezi has been around for a while, I am surprised how little Prezi is used among educators in my school.  I think of Prezi as the Wonder Woman of the Justice League Super Heroes. She is beautiful, versatile, and capable of much; however, she is the not the first superhero to be called on when there is a need. 

It is time to change that mindset!
Prezi is like Wonder Woman-
beautiful, but not the first to be chosen!

How to set up a Prezi

Prezi in One Minute Video
Instructions for setting up your Prezi
Prezi Tips and Tricks

My Prezi–Don’t judge!

I created this Prezi for my students as an orientation to their Peer Helper Course.  This was one of my first Prezi creations.  I am still practicing!

Peer Helper Course Prezi

To take your Prezi creation to the next level, here are some tools you can use.

Prezi Tools

Prezi Templates
Adding your voice to Prezi video tutorial

Adding Sound to Prezi
Converting Prezi to You Tube

Opportunity for advanced users!

Prezi Educators’ Society

Prezi Presentations by School Counselors

Becoming a Tech Savvy School Counselor by Danielle Schultz
What Does a School Counselor Do by Allison Lemberg
What is a School Counselor by Shawn Grime
Killing It With Prezi by Paul Ledesma

Do you have any Prezi presentations you are sharing with students, parents, or other professionals?  I would love to see them!!

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