Over the next couple of months, millions of us will prepare our 1040A and 1040EZ tax forms to see if we have to pay taxes to our dear old Uncle Sam.  However, I found some free educational resources that I want to share from the federal government!! 

Source: Federal Directory of School Discipline Climate and Discipline Resources

Contents Include:

Stop Bullying Community Action Kit
Bullying in School Publication
Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment on the School Bus
Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in the Classroom
Teen Dating Violence
Teen Dating Violence Handouts
Understanding Teen Dating Violence Fact Sheet
The Revolving Classroom: Mobile and At-Risk Students
Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools
Fostering School Connectedness Staff Development Training
Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation


Using Evidence based Registries for Bullying Program Selection
Youth Violence Webinar
Social Bullying
School Professionals Response to Bullying
Bullying Intervention
Bullying and Civil Rights
Poverty in the 21st Century

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