In 2005, the Association for Conflict Resolution created Conflict Resolution Day to celebrate the growth of conflict resolution in organizations, businesses, government, and schools. The purpose of Conflict Resolution Day is to:

  • promote peaceful means to settle conflict.
  • promote the use of conflict resolution in schools, businesses, organizations, and communities.
  • recognize the contributions of conflict resolvers.
  • create world-wide celebrations on the third Thursday of each October.

How can your school participate in Conflict Resolution Day?

Download the School Conflict Resolution Kit, post your events on the Association of Conflict Resolution Website, and advertise your events in the media…very simple!

Some suggested school activities for Conflict Resolution Day:

1. Have students write down ways they solve their conflicts peacefully.  Post these problem solving ideas in a public place so students can view different methods used by their peers.
2. Have students and/or teachers nominate peacemakers from each grade.  Announce the winners on Conflict Resolution Day and award them a certificate.
3. Host a poster or art contest displaying themes of peace.
4. Have students sign a conflict resolution pledge to solve their problems peacefully.
5. During lunch, handout tips on how students can solve conflict peacefully.
6. Sponsor a peace cafe where students can participate in a facilitated discussion around a film or topic.  Kennesaw State University sponsored our peace cafe in 2011 around the film, “Odd Girl Out” and the topic of bullying.  This was a great way to bring awareness to two topics: bullying and conflict.
7. Have your school principal or superintendent issue a Conflict Resolution Day Proclamation. A proclamation is provided in the ACR School Toolkit.
8. Hold a Mock Mediation to promote your peer mediation program.
9. Create a peace quilt by having students draw peace themes on quilt sections.
10. Order t-shirts and/or buttons for your peer mediators to wear on Conflict Resolution Day.

2013 T-Shirt Design

For additional ideas for Conflict Resolution Day, download the Conflict Resolution Day Calendar app created by Bill Warters. The calendar is filled with historical and practical information, timelines, games, quotes, videos, and other full text resources (view last year’s calendar for activities).

Celebrate Conflict Resolution Day on October 17th!

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