The month of October is packed with several student awareness campaigns from the popular Red Ribbon Week to Teaching Tolerance’s Mix It Up. Every October, at our school, we are constantly moving from one project to the next hoping to fit in all our plans.  However, one awareness campaign that stands out to most students is Bullying Awareness. 

During the month of October there are several days dedicated to educating students about bullying and its harmful impact on students.  

October 7thStomp Out Bullying is sponsoring its fifth year of its Blue Shirt day to stomp out bullying.  

October 9th-The National Bullying Prevention Center is sponsoring Unity Day to show students who are bullied that others care about them. Students and educators are encouraged to wear orange.

Unity Day Guide
Informational Flyer

Unity Shirt

October 17th-On GLAAD Spirit Day,  GLAAD encourages the public to wear purple to support LGBT youth. 

November 17th-23rdBullying Awareness Week of Canada is sponsored by At this site, one will find a weekly schedule of events, a Anti-Bullying Pledge,  and the ability to order wrist bands for students.  Also, educators are invited to take the online Bullying Course.

  Stand Up to Bullying Wrist Bands

  Educator Course

Additional Resources:

It Starts With Me Bullying Kit
Guidebook for Schools
Bullying Resource Guide
October Tip Calendar
Student Action Plan
Bullying Quiz
Addressing Bullying Situations by Teens
What Can You Do to Stop Bullying
Student Bookmarks
Information for Parents

Other Websites:

Bully Free-includes free materials and courses for educators.
Stop for parents, teens, and educators.
Netssmartz-resources regarding cyber bullying.

If you are participating in a Bullying Awareness campaign, please feel free to share your ideas and resources!!

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