Did you know that when a teen is driving at 55 mph and texting that he or she can take his or her eyes off the road for the length of a football field?  The National Safety Council reports that there are over 100,000 texting and driving crashes each year and that texting and driving is still a huge problem among teens.

Join the “It Can Wait” Campaign and download the kit to promote awareness of the dangers of texting and driving in your high school.

Some of the activities I am planning for my high school include:

  • Promote the Texting and Driving Pledge during lunch.
  • Provide opportunities for all students to complete the Online Texting and Driving Simulator during lunch.
  • Give out thumb rings or thumb socks for drivers with a valid driver’s license.
  • Promote the Sprint Application for silencing emails and texts while driving.
  • Put up banners around the school reminding students and staff not to text and drive.
  • Put flyers on student/staff cars about the dangers of texting and driving.
    Thumb Bands
Thumb Socks

Distracted Driving Statistics-Great information for your website and parents.
It Can Wait– Start up campaign kit for schools.
Texting and Driving Online Simulator-Online simulator for students to simulate texting and driving.
Sprint App for silencing texts and emails while driving-Application to silence emails and texts while driving.
NOYS-National Organization for Youth Safety-lots of resources and grant information.
Best Pledge Practices-Cheat sheet for getting students to sign the pledge.
Do Something-Thumb Socks-Order form for thumb socks and directions for learning to make your own.
Do Something Thumb Guide for Teen Drivers-Another great start up kit for schools!
Teens In the Driver’s Seat-Peer to Peer Safety program for schools.

Great to put on a teen drivers’ car

Here are some examples additional posters, flyers, and stickers for students.

Feel free to share any ideas for promoting the It Can Wait Pledge!

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