I am so excited to be part of the conflict resolution field!!  Since 2005, I have been a practicing mediator, peer mediation coordinator/trainer, and part of the conflict resolution leadership through the Association for Conflict Resolution, Kennesaw State University, National Association of Peer Program Professionals, Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education, and Georgia State University.  As a conflict resolution leader and specialist, I have found the practice adds a tremendous advantage to my counseling skills when working with students, staff, and parents.

If you would like to experience the advantages of adding mediation and conflict resolution to your professional skills, consider attending the Georgia State University Conflict Resolution Symposium on October 17, 2013 at Georgia State University. As a participant, you will receive invaluable information, meet conflict leaders in the field of education, law, criminal justice, business, and receive information on how to get involved in conflict resolution. If you are currently involved in the conflict resolution field, GSU is accepting proposals for those who want to present their knowledge and skills.

The theme for this year’s Symposium is: “Getting to Peace: Using Art as a Tool for Conflict Resolution”.

Symposium Video

Want to know more about the symposium?  Contact my friends Kelley Alexander or Tahirah Varner at ombuds@gsu.edu.


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