One of my jobs as a professional high school counselor is to talk to student athletes regarding the new NCAA academic rules and regulations.  At first, I was really resentful that I would have to speak to students about these regulations…isn’t this a coach’s job?  However, after carefully thinking about my bad attitude, I realized that part of my job is to prepare students for any post secondary options and this includes athletics. I quickly realized that many coaches, parents, and students are not aware of the new regulations and working to educate them is a great way to promote the value of the professional school counselor.  

I want to share the methods our department uses to educate parents, students, and coaches regarding NCAA regulations for Division I and Division II schools.

  • At the beginning of the year, a counselors covers the academic rules with our coaching staff and administration.
  • Each Fall, a counselor presents at a parent night to go over the regulations and answers questions.  
  • During advisement, our counselors go over the academic regulations with parents. Each parent and student is asked to sign a NCAA informational form stating they are aware of the policies.  
  • We give each student a handbook that includes the NCAA information.
  • During the 2013-14 school year, we will post the NCAA information and website on our guidance site.
Does anyone have any additional methods of how they work with student athletes and parents.  Please feel free to post as I love new ideas!

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